Gratitude Spiritual Practice Group

Jan 01, 2017 No Comments

Whatever your experience with the spiritual practice of Gratitude – we hope you’ll join our practice group this winter It’s free and designed to increase our awareness and expression of Gratitude.

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The promise of peace

Dec 18, 2016 No Comments

Once more Christmas comes with the promise of peace on its wings …

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Celebrating Good Works & Momentum

Oct 30, 2016 No Comments

Progress in ocean restoration, interspecies communication, carbon dioxide drawdown, clean energy advances, gender equality, polluters pay legislation, and the wisdom of the indigenous people …. These are just some of the good news topics reported at this year’s Bioneers Conference held in San Rafael, CA, October 21-23rd.

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Breaking thru

Jun 19, 2016 No Comments

What breaks thru – what sounds, what sights reconnect us with creation beyond our self?

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