Workshop: An Introduction to Eco-Spirituality

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Three weeks.
Three conference calls.
Three timely topics about the environment:

1 .  Right-sizing ourselves within our environment – learning how to think differently
2.  Envisioning a new life – beholding what the future can be
3.  Calling for the new day – praying for moral courage and leadership

Get informed. Share insights. Find inspiration. Take action.

Join with other thinkers and explore the subject of eco-spirituality.  Dip into the writings of environmental theologians & social scientists and expand your understanding of the ecological challenges creation faces today.  Together we’ll sharpen our spiritual perspectives as we discuss passages (or podcast content) from Jewish, Buddhist, Christian and other traditions.  Among others, the syllabus includes the writings of Joanna Macy, Bill McKibben, Sallie McFague, James Gustave Speth, and Mary Evelyn Tucker.

Here’s what participants have been saying about the workshop:

“For me, participating in the Eco-Spirituality workshop was the experience of being involved in a ‘ground-breaking’ discovery of how to bring spirituality to bear on the ecological challenges of our time. I am so much more aware of the issues we face as well as the solutions and possibilities being implemented and explored around the world.” Kimberly Gauthier, Los Angeles

It’s no exaggeration for me to say that being a part of this group was life-changing.  Fascinating, informative reading material was supported by honest, thought-provoking discussions. It was so valuable to have Carol at the helm of each discussion.  She has a bank of knowledge that I’m always eager to borrow from and her facilitation skills helped each conversation remain organic and thoughtful.  Participating in this Eco-spirtuality group helped me discover my eco-soul and I am now on a path ripe with eagerness and evolution of thought.” Hollister Thomas, St. Louis

Instructor:  Carol Hohle

June 29 – July 13, 2010.
Three Conference Calls on Tuesday Evenings,
8:00 – 9:30 pm (EDT):  June 29, July 6 & 13.

CONTACT US to register.

Carol Hohle, Founder & Executive Director of Inspiration House, is an educator, environmentalist & spiritual activist.  She speaks, leads workshops & retreats on spiritual practices and eco-spirituality.

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