Abby Seixas – Reconnecting us to the deep river within

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Abby Seixas, is a psychotherapist, author and speaker specializing in issues of life balance. She offers workshops, retreats and individualized coaching as well as her popular “Deep River”™ groups. Abby has spoken to audiences from Maine to California about work/life balance, self-care, and how to live a soulful life in a speed-obsessed world. She has been in the mental health field for more than twenty-five years and has been a clinical psychotherapy trainer and supervisor at training centers in the United States and abroad, including England, the Netherlands and Russia.  Her book, Finding the Deep River Within – A Women’s Guide to Recovering Balance & Meaning in Everyday Life, has been in publication since 2006.  She is the mother of two grown children and lives with her husband outside Boston, Massachusetts.

We asked Abby to share some of her joys and inspiration related to the good works and difference she is making in the world:

1.  What do you do?

I help women create sanctuaries for themselves in the midst of their busy lives. I am an advocate of slowing down, doing one thing at a time, paying attention and remembering what matters. And laughter.

2.  Why do you do it?

Because I know from experience what gets lost when I don’t pay attention, do too many things at once, forget to laugh (especially at myself!), and don’t slow down enough to allow the deeper currents within me to flow through my daily life. And I know there are a lot of women (and men) out there like me.

3.  How does what you do & your approach to life nourish you?

The principles and practices in my book are gleaned from many years of experience with many different teachings on psychological well-being and spiritual growth. So, every time I teach the Deep River process, I am reminding myself and reinforcing some of the “best practices” that have been helpful to me over time, and that nourishes me.

I also love working with women––I am nourished when I sit with a circle of women who are engaged in learning and growing and touching their depth and witnessing one another in that process.

4.  In what ways do others find what you do nourishing?

Here’s a sample: (This is what keeps me going)

“With each chapter I read and hearing you yesterday I am reminded of what is most important for us to do first and foremost…”

“This book gave me great tools for slowing down and finding my way back from all the busyness, to ME!”

“In this volatile, scary world, you offer a way to stay grounded, serene and calm.”

“[Your book] has helped me to understand and come to grips with my obsessive list making and the constant sense that it is never ‘enough.’  I have been watching my life pass me by for many years, even as I have tried to slow it down and somehow have more of a feeling for it.  Your book has helped me to see that the answer to  “feeling” my own life as I live it, is NOT to make even more lists of things to do.  Doing less=feeling more.  Your concrete advice has helped me to get back in touch with myself and this in turn is helping my life to slow down…”

“As soon as I began to read your book, I just knew that you had been inside my brain for the last few years (just joking).  You were DEAD ON…you had me pegged.  And the immense relief I felt at being understood, at finding out it’s the culture of speed, the unrealistic expectations placed on women, that has pushed me where I am, is indescribable.”

“I am a changed person since reading your book!”

5.  What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

Inner inspiration: meditation and journaling.  Outer inspiration: My readers and the women in my groups, and all my teachers over the years (including, among many others, Pema Chodron, Michelle McDonald, my husband and my kids.)

6.  Where can we learn more?

  • My website: The site has a button to click for adding your name to my e-mail list. I send e-letters approximately once a month, with info about my offerings, plus other relevant content—links, articles, poems, etc.
  • My Deep River Facebook Page, where I post regularly
  • My book, available at booksellers, and signed/inscribed through my website.

Watch Abby’s television interview on 5/10/2008

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