Remaking the World

Oct 26, 2006 No Comments

While attending a symposium on environmental sustainability last year I was profoundly transformed.  I must have been inching in this direction for years, but over the course of the day several things clicked in to place.  One of these blinding flashes of the obvious that suddenly clicked for me had to do with the interconnectedness of everything – of all living things … plants, animals for all types including us humans, governments, air & weather & space, spirit.

As I felt this new spirit of connectedness I realized that it is this spirit – the old message of the golden rule “do unto others has you would have them do unto” – that must breathe new meaning and relevancy for those of us who inhabit the planet Earth at this time.  I had always looked at the golden rule from the “what’s in it for me” perspective.  And, one can still look at the depletion of environmental resources from that perspective and be moved to take action to walk more lightly in the world so that one may still have the world to walk in.  But, that day in the symposium I felt an energy, a force related to LOVE, that moved through me.  It was this energy of love and interconnectedness that promised solutions to our environmental predicaments, that could transform the world into a new community of brotherhood, that could remake me anew.

It is time once again to remake the world, to address the major challenges and inequities that exist on the planet, and to reinvent our relationships with one another.

One piece of the symposium that was especially inspirational to me was a video entitled, “The Eagle and the Condor.”  CLICK HERE to view it.  It’s a 15-minute presentation that will give you a taste of the type of fresh thinking that is being given by many about the opportunity to remake our world.

If you are ripe for a new meaning of your place in the world I encourage you to attend an Awakening the Dreamer symposium.  They are volunteer run and are happening around the world.  To find a symposium near you visit the Pachamama Alliance website.

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